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Goals, Constitution and Board of Trustees

Goals of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The Carlos Ballesta López Foundation stems from the enormous cultural and humanistic activity undertaken by Dr. Carlos Ballesta López. His legacy, which consists of numerous art collections, bibliophile, original documents, jewellery, clothing, furniture, prints, etc., nourished the need to create a foundation that would be able to disseminate and value the rich heritage gathered throughout the entire life of its founder. Furthermore, the enormous coherence of the collections, based integrally around the historical fact of the expulsion of the “Morisco” population from the Spanish state, made it necessary to start a project that would safeguard, disseminate and make the collections available to researchers, institutions and the general public. The Carlos Ballesta López Foundation stands as the most appropriate means to manage the important artistic wealth gathered by Dr. Ballesta.

Thus, the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation was established as a foundation whose aims were to promote, carry out, support and finance the dissemination of the history of the kingdom of Granada in the XVI and XVII centuries, as well as the historical periods preceding and following, closely linked to the expulsion of the Moriscos, in both the Spanish State and all other countries which at some point in their history were closely related to the Morisco diaspora

Constitution of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The Foundation was founded by Carlos José Ballesta López in Barcelona on November 26, 2010, as recorded in public deed number 2470 executed before the Notary of the College of Catalonia, María Dolores Giménez Arbona, modified in a subsequent deed under number 1169, dated July 1, 2011and executed before the same notary.

The registered address of the Foundation was on calle Tomasas Cuesta, number 12, Albaycín, Granada, zip code18010, establishing that the Foundation undertakes to carry out its activities throughout the Spanish territory.

Finally, the Government Official Gazette, No. 247 of Thursday, October 13, 2011, published CUL/2731/2011 Order of September 29, whereby the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation is entered into the Register of Foundations under number 1019.

Board of Trustees of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The governance, representation and management of the Foundation are entrusted to a Board of Trustees, whose members shall serve their positions for free and undertake to render accountability to the Protectorate.

Initially, the Board is composed of: Carlos José Ballesta López as President; Antonio María Ballesta López as secretary and board member; Carlota María Ballesta López as treasurer; and José Luis Ballesta López and Joan Capmany Ibanez as board members. The Board of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation held their first meeting at the headquarters of the foundation on November 19, 2011.

Organization and management of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

Mr Carlos José Ballesta López

Mr Antonio María Ballesta López

Ms Carlota María Ballesta López

Board members:
Mr José Luis Ballesta López
Mr Joan Capmany Ibáñez

Managing Director:
Mr Javi Palomo

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