Carlos Ballesta López, a bibliophile

Dr.CarlosBallestaLópez is one of the most notable Spanish bibliophiles on the Morisco theme. His collection of books was only known in amateur or booklover circles. It has only been after the creation of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation that the bibliographic treasures, he has so enthusiastically collected, have seen the light. Because of this and until recently, this hobby, which has obtains such remarkable achievements, was one of the least known aspects of his personality. 

We can say that Dr. Ballesta deserves the label “bibliophile” that he has so richly earned not only for bringing together a large set of books around the Morisco people, but because in him we also find the notes that enrich an acclaimed hobbyist: the choice of rare, beautiful and interesting pieces, the conservation and restoration with exquisite care of his books and the clear objective of keeping together his library, open to researchers and specialists.

With in-depth knowledge of the subject and his true passion for books, he has brought together a large, living, select library, which he cherishes as he considers it to be the relics of the great Spanish ingenious minds and the reflection of the aesthetics and the thoughts of past centuries.