Objectives of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The basic aim of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, following the expresses wishes of the founder, is to encourage and promote all kinds of cultural actions and cooperation for development between the Spanish State and the Arab countries, the countries of the Mediterranean basin, Latin America and anywhere else that might have been the destiny of the Morisco people driven out of the Kingdom of Granada in the XVI and XVII centuries. This takes the form of dialogues between cultures, promoting intercultural exchange through seminars and training courses, exhibitions, projects of cooperation for development, studies of economic and social changes, health, communications, teaching, etc.

The purposes of the Foundation are, then, to promote, carry out, support and finance the dissemination of the history of the kingdom of Granada in the XVI and XVII centuries, as well as the historical periods preceding and following, closely linked to the expulsion of the Moriscos, in both the Spanish State and all other countries which at some point in their history were closely related to the Morisco diaspora.

Among these broad objectives, some of the more important and immediate activities are the following:

  • Setting up a Centre for diffusion of the Morisco History and Culture.

  • Organizing Conferences, Courses, Seminars, Congresses, etc…

  • Publishing magazines, books, other publications, etc…

  • Organizing Exhibitions.

  • Acquiring items related to the Foundation’s objectives.

Despite the international scope of action of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, it is the founder’s specific wish to establish close links between the institution’s activities and the city of Granada, and more specifically the Albaicín district.