Benefits for companies derived from membership at the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

Companies. Enhance patronage/sponsorship

Why should you collaborate with the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation?

To fulfil the social responsibility of the business world to provide and promote cultural patronage and sponsorship. To collaborate with the Foundation means to encourage and be part of it by sharing its goals and aspirations. The Carlos Ballesta López Foundation aspires to be one of the foundations of reference of the city of Granada and of the national cultural scene. Therefore, the Foundation invites companies and institutions to join the project.

Donations are used to develop actions that promote the preservation, restoration, study and dissemination of the goals of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation. 

How can you collaborate with the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation?

By participating in actions for the benefit of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation. There are several ways aimed at facilitating the participation of companies and institutions that will endorse and provide unconditional support to the projects undertaken by the Foundation.

Through an annual donation

The companies join the Foundation in virtue of an annual financial contribution aimed at funding the general plan of activities of the institution.

Through the sponsoring of specific projects

Regular activities:

  • Publishing of guides describing the Foundation’s collections.
  • Courses and series of conferences on the Foundation’s collections.

Special projects:

  • Training programmes
  • Publications
  • Grants and fellowships
  • Exhibits
  • Publishing of catalogues

In addition, the Foundation is opened to other forms of collaboration, in accordance with proposals from companies as well as the needs of the own Foundation.

By offering its employees advantageous conditions for membership of the Foundation

The Foundation offers to collaborating companies special conditions for its employees to be Friends of the Foundation (a minimum of 150 memberships), another way to promote and bring the culture closer to society.


Companies and institutions that collaborate with our Foundation enjoy various advantages.

• Priority in projects
• Preference to participate in special projects
• Guided tours of the collections of the Foundation. The Foundation offers the possibility to organize guided tours by qualified professionals with needs required by member companies (language, length, content), both on an open house basis as well as on a closed basis, with a special price
• Publicity of the company’s patronage and sponsorship

The company has the possibility to make its collaboration publicly known, with the Foundation’s prior agreement.

Press campaign. Each year the Foundation wishes to thank partner companies for the support they provide to the institution. This campaign, which includes a list of such companies, is published in leading newspapers and magazines in the country.

Mention of collaborating partners is made in the publications of the Foundation. The work of the patronage or sponsorship developed by different entities, is included in the annual reports and publications of the Foundation that are sent to its members, as well as to ministerial positions and personalities from the world of culture and the arts.

Special Price in the publications. Discounts on the purchase price of the publications issued by the Foundation. Furthermore, there is the ability to customize certain editions.

Tax write off. The donation of amounts or assets to the Foundation may benefit from tax allowances provided by law 49/2002 of 23 December 2002, which provides a deduction of 35% off the quota on Corporate Tax return.

Friend of the Foundation membership card. In deference to institutional collaboration, the Foundation provides a minimum of three personal non-transferrable cards.