Circle of The Aben Humeya at the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

To participate, to collaborate, to contribute. The Circle of Aben Humeya

To feel you are a part of a large cultural project without geographical limitations. The goal of this initiative launched in 2011 and supported by those who feel the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation as their own heritage, is bringing the Foundation closer to society.

Members of the Circle of Aben Humeya enjoy direct contact with the Foundation, and have the privilege to follow its course and live the day to day from a privileged position thanks to the personalized activity program offered.

Becoming involved in this enterprise means supporting a large institution and becoming a sponsor of the Arts.

Advantages of the Circle Aben Humeya

  • Mailing of information
  • Preference when registering for activities of the Foundation
  • Ticket stub with invitations to visit the Foundation escorts
  • Annual VIP passes to all events organized by the Foundation
  • Invitation to the inauguration of the temporary exhibitions in which the Foundation will be participating.
  • Private guided tour of the Foundation on a “closed doors” basis to temporary exhibitions with three guests (accompanied by the commissioner or conservator)
  • Annual visit to the Foundation on a “closed doors” basis for two to the Foundation’s headquarters
  • Reception and Annual Meeting with the heads of the Foundation
  • Exclusive activities
  • Annual gift of a selected publication by the Foundation

International patrons/sponsors

Enhancing the international dimension

The International Patrons group arises from the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, with the clear aim of contributing to the international dissemination of the Museum, and to strengthen cultural ties between the institution and the various countries of origin of its members. Joining this group is possible only by invitation of the President, on prior proposal and approval of candidates by the Board of Trustees.

  • International Patrons are an example of cultural patronage and sponsorship and their contributions are essential to the development of new projects that promote conservation, awareness and dissemination of universal cultural heritage bequeathed by the Moriscos.