The lost opportunity, the expulsion of a people

Que todos los moriscos deste reino, así hombres como mugeres, con sus hijos, dentro de tres dias de cómo fuere publicado este bando en los lugares donde cada uno vive y tiene su casa, salgan dél.”

Literal translation of the original text:

That all the Moriscos of this kingdom, both men and women, and their children, leave the places wherever they leave and have their homes in this kingdom, within 3 days after the publication of this ban”

Decree of expulsion of the Moriscos from the Kingdom of Valencia


22 September de 1609

The city of Vinaròs is historically closely linked to one of the saddest and most despicable passages of our history: the expulsion of the Morisco population. We all have our eyes set on the magnificent painting by Pere Oromig and Francisco Peralta in 1613, which represents the unmistakable profile of our walls and our fortified bell tower during the expulsion of several thousand Moriscos from the port of our city. Who does not remember the impressive oil by Gabriel Puig Roda? The stay in Vinaròs od the artist Tírig, prompted him to create one of his masterpieces: the expulsion of the Mriscos, with our "Creu del Clot" in the centre of the scene.


The expulsion of the Moriscos from the Kingdom of Valencia had a dramatic impact on society. An estimated one hundred twenty five thousand people, which means 36% of the
population, more than a third, had to leave our lands, which caused a significant demographic decline and the consequent stagnation of our economy.


The exhibition “The lost opportunity, the expulsion of a people”, that the Carlos Ballesta Foundation is bringing to Vinaròs, sponsored by the City Council and the Vinaròs Caixa Foundation, is a magnificent opportunity for reflection, not only on the dramatic events that occurred in the Spanish State in the early years of the XVII Century, but also about current society and human relations of coexistence in intercultural contexts.

La oportunidad perdida, la expulsión de un pueblo