The Carlos Ballesta Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with CajaGranada

4 June, 2012 - 19:02
Convenio con Caja Granada

Caja GRANADA and the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement to foster the dissemination of the history of the kingdom of Granada through exhibitions, workshops and cession of documentary collections.

The President of Caja GRANADA, Antonio Jara Andréu and Carlos Ballesta, President of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, have signed this morning a collaboration agreement between the savings bank and the Foundation aimed at facilitating a coordinated action between both institutions, both in terms of actions aimed at the sharing of information as well as those addressed at enhancing and disseminating the history and culture of the kingdom of Granada.

During the signing of the agreement, the President of CajaGRANADA pointed out that the institution does not wish to relinquish their social and cultural identity, and it is thus a great satisfaction to form an alliance with the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation and collaborate on a such a laudable project. Antonio Jara emphasized the importance of personal initiatives as the one created by Dr. Ballesta, as it is necessary for civil society to get engaged initiatives beyond the work of public authorities. Projects arising from private initiatives and from personal hobbies and interests persist over time and yield more results and one may forget that culture has to be one more piece of our industry, a vital asset for the people.

For his part, Carlos Ballesta thanked CajaGRANADA for its involvement in this project. He defined himself as a privileged man to whom life has given many things, and therefore he feels a moral obligation and a desire to return, in turn, some of those things to society. And, convinced that one can love only what is known, he created the foundation that bears his name to educate and disseminate culture, in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Therefore, CajaGRANADA, as part of its public commitment to serve society in the social and cultural arenas, wishes to share and, therefore, wants to assist in achieving the objectives of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, and therefore enters into this framework agreement which will allow the implementation of different activities and initiatives, such as the holding of exhibitions in some of the areas that the entity has dedicated for this purpose, including the set up of a workshop on the conservation and dissemination of Morisco documents and the possible cession of documentary collections to the Francisco Ayala Mediatheque of CajaGRANADA, so that such documents can be viewed by users of the Library Network.

The Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The purposes of the Foundation are, then, to promote, carry out, support and finance the dissemination of the history of the kingdom of Granada in the XVI and XVII centuries, as well as the historical periods preceding and following, closely linked to the expulsion of the Moriscos, in both the Spanish State and all other countries which at some point in their history were closely related to the Morisco diaspora.

As part of these broad objectives, the Foundation’s most important and immediate specific activities will be as follows: the establishment of a centre for the dissemination of Morisco history and culture, the organization of conferences, courses, seminars, conferences, etc., the publishing of journals, newsletter, books and other publications; the organization of exhibitions and acquisition of parts related to the aim and purpose of the Foundation.