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    Moriscos of the Kingdom of Granada

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    Bronzes Caliphate

    Exhibition at the Museum of the Alhambra

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    Jewels of Yemen

    Jewels of Yemen Collection

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Bibliographical fund Carlos Ballesta Lopez Foundation

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  • The lost opportunity. The expulsion of a people
  • Caliphal bronzes

Dr. Carlos Ballesta López, biliófilo

Carlos Ballesta López, a bibliophile

Dr.CarlosBallestaLópez is one of the most notable Spanish bibliophiles on the Morisco theme. His collection of books was only known in amateur or booklover circles. It has only been after the creation of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation that the bibliographic treasures, he has so enthusiastically collected, have seen the light. Because of this and until recently, this hobby, which has obtains such remarkable achievements, was one of the least known aspects of his personality. 

Dr. Ballesta


Colecciones Fundación Carlos Ballesta López

Collections of the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation

The Carlos Ballesta López Foundation has an extensive wealth of pieces and collections that are a reflection of the collectionist spirit of its founder, Dr. Carlos Ballesta López. Dr. Ballesta has combined his lifelong dedication to medicine with the sensitivity of fine arts, travellings through Europe, South America, the Arab world, Yemen, etc. and acquiring works of art, bringing together a superb collection which, together with other collections, exceeds 2,000 pieces.



Colecciones de la Fundación Carlos Ballesta López

The lost opportunity, the expulsion of a people

Vinaròs becomes the first venue of the exhibition "The missed opportunity. The expulsion of the Morisco people" that can be seen from today until February 29 at the gallery ’Espai d’Art de la Fundació Caixa Vinaròs. The exhibition brings together unique pieces on the expulsion of the Moriscos.



Bronces Califales - Colección de la Fundación Carlos Ballesta López

Caliphal bronzes RoomSala II del Museo de la Alhambra

To mark the deposit of a series of pieces from the Carlos Ballesta López Foundation, the Museum of the Alhambra has organised an exhibition of bronzes from Granada's Museum of Archaeology and from the Museum of the Alhambra itself, allowing visitors to compare decorative variations in objects used for the same purpose, stands for caskets or braziers.


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